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Of course it’s a trick, you silly
So you will read, and be taken in
So whatever you were thinking and feeling
Will be eclipsed, and poetry becomes
Your natural form of addiction

A warning, your brain chemistry
For so long now a weeping mass of
Contradictions and misplaced erotica
Is being forever altered, and this
Is now the heart of the matter

Don’t believe anything else again, do
Understand that you are being consumed
What comes out will be radically different
The tunes you carry, the baggage of experience
Metaphysically exchanged for sorcerer’s garments

There, isn’t that just a little better
Turn slightly to your left and cough up
That globe of rational conceit, you don’t
Think anymore that music is mathematical
You have begun to love Shakespeare more than

The radical self you left behind moments ago
You know the journey is never done, the lines
Mere calligraphy, signposts on the way
Where no map can lead or tell the destinations:
There is always more to this than you think

©Dean J. Baker

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What I never wanted to forget
was the cold unforgiving eye with which
I looked out upon the wilderness

Even with it, there’s a refreshing comfort –
a warmth that isn’t heat but neither
a fire to build or toast marshmallows

A vision then where I sit in a meditational
pose, or stand looking out upon the vistas
I have no business desiring to measure or control

Where what matters, what counts, the nuances
of individual lives expose themselves
wind-swept in a bounce or dance none survive

Unless even as they die they live beyond
what exists not to tell them why, but welcome
each shout, every cry: the song alive in this

©Dean J. Baker

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What was I running from
when everything was
beside me

Shaking at the thought
of you, inside
each move I made

When I couldn’t say
who was called that night
into silence

in my pain

it is myself
I come upon like this

©Dean J. Baker

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I can’t pretend to understand
the geographies; impossible
to comprehend, unless
we are sweeping
across the same land and sea

Of what you do, or do not
mean to me; in the days
to come
between your now, and then:
and what is not said pointedly

©Dean J. Baker

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©Dean J. Baker

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