Kentucky Farmlands

Kentucky Farmlands








If I’m alone I know
it must be my moral
leprosy: why otherwise

The old cliché that all
a lover wants is a lover:
mouthing the darkness away.

You would call it neurosis, but
who among the best
of us isn’t sick of something?

There are so few words
I want to use:
for this fearsome beauty of loss

For what is earned, and
what is not:
for all these things I do not choose

©Dean J. Baker

excerpt from Silence Louder Than A Train

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©Dean J. Baker

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Killing Poets













Something out there is killing poets,
the best of us – first, Mark Strand
takes his leave without notice, no
prior announcement that says in one week
tickets will go on sale for the final
tour, mourners’ seats on sale now, please
remember that there is no refund for this event

Next, Philip Levine says his farewell
address, from sunny California, making sure
that the North and East are snow covered
without becoming almost invisible
as Mr. Strand had done in his last titles,
sliding downhill with a great Yes, though
at the end there was the big But, maybe Butt

And he was too polite, the gentleman that
he was and remains even now, constraining
no obvious metaphor as the wagon was
pulled toward Yes I live, but to die? What’s
that crap, while I’m betting he knew the reward
of simply being himself, much as Mr. Levine did,
absent all the awards and organizations

None of which are common to poetry; even
the sentimental month of April, heralded by
Shakespeare, celebrated by the Academy of
American Poets, with people spending
more on fees and clothes than any poet can
afford: the famous rich in poses of depth, and
wisdom they rent out for the evening, you know

This snowy morning in February when I’ve
come in from the cold, shaking off snow
cleared from the car, coffee outside and the blue
heeler dog, Bella, demanding a return to warmth
from a Kentucky freeze; hell, we wag our tails,
sip coffee, blow out the frozen air that can go
down deep without warning or reminiscence as well

©Dean J. Baker

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©Dean J. Baker
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