Quod Erat Demonstrandum

In memory of my father





By their actions, not by their words –
By the behavior, not the sentiment
Of sheathed swords; by the buried
Feelings unseen and unheard, unless
You hear between the syllables
And silence, the language of the unspoken

By what’s known and unknown, not
What’s agreed upon and conferred;
By a certain willingness to not be first,
By what’s disclosed, not the requested joke:
Of the one thing you should know
Before you pass into the realms of fog

By what is not required to admit access,
By what is told to you alone, not mocked
By a million friends who are all special too;
By the trust held close, the vow not lost:
Freedom to be wrong without harm, by these
Things unsaid and not chosen as we go

©Dean J. Baker

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