Slow Poem For Jane








I don’t know if I want
to kill you
like the million other
killers the city gives refuge to.

I take on the shape of what is close.
I am nothing in particular.
To some I am a ghost.
This is all my love:
These lines, this page, the troubled notes.

I don’t ask you
when you’re leaving.
I let you know I am alive and well.

©Dean J. Baker

this poem first appeared in DESCANT, alongside work by Lawrence Durrell (The Alexandria Quartet, etc.)

“Having read Dark Earth DarkEarth by Dean J Baker my first reaction is WOW. This was written for me. His poetry speaks to me deep down in my soul. The style of writing then the naming of the poems is so on target. A must read for poetry lovers AND all who just love to read.”

Dark Earth is a thought provoking collection of poems..”

Rabelais and Hieronymus Bosch look out of dark chinks in these poems…”

Here’s the link where you can buy my books, in ebook or print format.

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