Of Chimaeras And The Lorelei







You’ll look endlessly and forever,
to find that father
who abdicated his paternal duties;
the absence hollow
as a cancer on which you feed,
and destroy yourself: both
victim and perpetrator of the deed

Naturally, I am hidden behind
the net of negativity;
which stigma of attachment
creates sympathy,
from those who stooge for you:
the long line of lovers waiting,
keep the flesh and blood image alive

©Dean J. Baker
– from THE ESCHATOLOGICAL DOG, 152 pages,*** $16.99,

ed2_<– own the book!

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5 thoughts on “Of Chimaeras And The Lorelei

    1. Wonderful to hear that, Phil – now if only I could have the plenitude of work I have in the books so discovered, and sell some… my readings have always been met with silence…. the best kind..



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