..from DARK EARTH.. ‘Allegorical Imperatives’








The wounded bears of this belated land,
trailing deceit; and a lingering death:
bore me with their appraisals of excellence.

Accomplices to culture still-born, these
picayune mediocrities forge no sense
of self: damage or display, apologists.

You do well to beware such politics;
domestic confederates, nationalist failures:
the talented and their imitators.

Let them vanish into the forest deep, where
I have set up a meditation and a prayer:
forecasting sudden but true, and rare transformation.


©Dean J. Baker

“I know of NO modern writer, still alive, or dead, who writes with such honesty, such power, and, such erudition.”
“Having read Dark Earth by Dean J Baker my first reaction is WOW. This was written for me. His poetry speaks to me deep down in my soul.”

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3 thoughts on “..from DARK EARTH.. ‘Allegorical Imperatives’

  1. The polarization of politics and the constant threat of class warfare prove over and over that the study of society and politics need a foundation of science, an exploration of how the world works, not ideology. To find a critical portrait of the bourgeois, get inside his language, use it so he won’t know whether he is the subject of mockery or not–ideally to reduce him to silence.


    1. I abosolutely agree on this – the pace of our world is constant mutation, not a ideological constant intended to harness and constrain, so words and language must relfect this alteration without devolving into the solipistic.



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