Fiber 66*






The polymers, the binding
Not so much the absorption of
One into more
But the true synthesis of macro
Into micro
The lost principle where now
The minor
The ineffective before
Becomes the guiding
Non principal

Where you
Or your I can alter everything
The world changed
While the social
Psychosis carries onward
Broken teeth, un-toothed even
Still masticating more and more
Towards towards we
Become the wards of a society

Having the courage
Decency to admit confess
That yes, we are not
Smarter than those low-lives
Others lived
Just more apparently conscientious, if
Not driven mad
Though that’s part of the engine
Consuming it all
More tongue than tooth

More soup than goulash, yet
Engaging the remnants
Until once more what’s left
Comes forward to be
Born again
As the vital lie of our
Characterlessness which
Would comprise
The gift we miserly
Deign to share in these sad immigrant lives

©Dean J. Baker

  • excerpt from a forthcoming book

*Wallace Hume Carothers’ work on polymers led to the first synthetic fiber.
Cited in Whiplash by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe, from Science And Corporate Strategy by Hounshell and Smith.

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