..from DARK EARTH.. ‘Queen St. East, Toronto’







The jaw slacks, with the weight
of the body’s loss,
to an inexorable acknowledgement

The brain is unfettered
in its jug; spilling over
with the nostalgia of alcohol

Flat on their backs, near Moss
Park, curled fetus-like, the
inhabitants whirl in a static frenzy of

Enfeeblement, any amusement here
sublingual: the posthumous twitching
of cynics en masse

©Dean Baker

********..from a review..”Rabelais and Hieronymus Bosch look out of dark chinks in these poems… instead of Emerson’s “Whim” above Dean’s lintel we might assume “Melancholy” resides here… that dark brooding that laughs below, and rises through the bones to jerk you awake from your too lazy sleep of existence.”***********



6 thoughts on “..from DARK EARTH.. ‘Queen St. East, Toronto’

  1. Dean, I really loved the line, “The brain is unfettered in its jug; spilling over with the nostalgia of alcohol” and also curling up in fetal position. I also tuned in to the tags “homeless” in addition to the “addictions” tag. Many homeless are addicted to some type of substance, especially alcohol.

    I recently stopped drinking altogether. Sobriety is the way to go for me. Great poem that depicts the unromantic aspects to getting drunk. At least, this is my interpretation. Have a great weekend, Dean! 🙂


    1. Thanks for saying, Sonyo – the poem is micro and macro, the person and the society, societal and personal causes so often being two sides of the same eventuality – as for ‘homeless’ it could be the prosaic stuff reported in news or another depth to the ‘nostalgia of alcohol’ which has us homeless or immigrants from ourselves…
      good to hear from you, feel free to check out my books..

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