.. from DARK EARTH.. ‘Antic’







Goddamn the penny
Ante satanic antics of everyday

Adversarial lies that pass
As discussion, in which you

Assume, graceless
You’re above the fray

Competition you made
For a self

A mere ego stroke away
From having its heart

Attack itself in protest of the narcissism
And die

Suddenly disabused
Of the notion that others do not remain

Puppets in your museum
That monument to unholy lies

You enshrine until
The idea of sacrifice is suicide

The unpetalling of a rose
Your only crime

©Dean Baker

  • excerpt from DARK EARTH, 142 pages, 18.99
  • Buy a book, support Poetry – DARK EARTH – – to own for next month – National Poetry Month….especially for those for don’t own any of my books….

    “Having read Dark Earth by Dean J Baker my first reaction is WOW. This was written for me. His poetry speaks to me deep down in my soul. The style of writing then the naming of the poems is so on target. A must read for poetry lovers AND all who just love to read.”

    Dark Earth is a thought provoking collection of poems..”

********..from a review..”Rabelais and Hieronymus Bosch look out of dark chinks in these poems…

instead of Emerson’s “Whim” above Dean’s lintel we might assume “Melancholy” resides here… that dark brooding that laughs below, and rises through the bones to jerk you awake from your too lazy sleep of existence.”***********


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