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4 thoughts on “New writing, excerpts from published books – WRITINGS OF DEAN BAKER

  1. I actually own this book, but I forgot. That’s because I bought it as an Ebook when it came out. (So I own 19 of your books) The Ebooks aren’t doing it for me. Dean, once again, I’m looking for a job. So, as soon as I secure a position, it will be my next book purchase. Of course, there are a few more I will buy to keep my collection current.


    1. Hi Resa – that book has been expanded to become a new book – meanwhile I am working n a new collection – with ideas(writing scraps that I’ll eventually tie together) for an autobiography, a selected poems (to add to the volumes of The Lost Canadian), another volume to Tormenting The Monkey (everything’s written just requires the time for editing), and the need to put together some songs…

      good luck with the job thing – I see rents and husing prices in Canada and wonder how anyone gets to that..

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      1. Well, then I will be happier to purchase again, Poetry & How It Gets That Way. Wish I would have bought the original in print, as I value my collection.
        I will read Tormenting The Monkey next, in anticipation of the second volume.
        The autobiography is piquing me. Yes, songs are important, and you should do that.
        The housing market is sick here, and I do not mean sick in the cool way. As I own, I feel somewhat comfy, but now the property taxes are oppressive. There is no escape from government.
        Our forefathers endured untold hardship to come to N. America and begin a new life, for themselves, and for us, their offspring. It was to be a life free from religious persecution, and persecution through taxation.
        Turns out they ripped off the natives, dis-engracing themselves, and the rest of what they thought was positive has become the property of government.
        Well, dear Dean, seems you hit a nerve in me. Keep writing, keep making songs and keep strong.
        Love and peace



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