from a forthcoming book… ‘We’re All Native’

Trust the government? Ask a native








As we know all governments lie to manage their voters
who are manipulated by corporate donors, who pay
for the brain-washing bouts named campaigns to bring
us the Manchurian candidates. Look:
Bush changed the constitution, privacy’s become a tactic
of concealment not cherished quiet; where idiots
inform so they’re not caught first, turned against ourselves.

What we accept – cops execute citizens, black and white;
requiring the decency promised becomes riotous protest,
while gangsters in power bankrupt the system then get
rewarded: we’re fleas on their patios as they sit back, cool
and undisturbed in a resource rich environment they betray.
We’re the environment, the resource: these
billionaires the system of repeated history, the disease.

People with money pay less than poverty line wages, absent
conscience while they aid foreigners; ignoring
the new-born natives as they please to call themselves Christians.
Religion is managed, a tool for distraction; believe in
Jesus, or no soup for you: believe in Al, or off with your head
say the Red Queens. You weren’t using it, anyway. We’re
all statistics according to the Who’s Who.

Music is for stooges with no brains who accept celebrity
dunces dancing as if electrocuted. Impossible prices for
seats at concerts? Corporate tools took over royalties, killing
earned rewards. Everyone
keeps their minds shut, heads down, necks bent. In position.
Enshrined stupidity’s the problem: everything you do, not
revealing such truth, serves as familiar worship of these idiocracies.

©Dean Baker




5 thoughts on “from a forthcoming book… ‘We’re All Native’

  1. Adjectives, little bugs that gnaw at truth. Adverbs, deadly. Clarity, the sting in the tail of the scorpion of truth.



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