..from The Poetry Hotel.. ‘Kool Aid For Dark Gods’


Things may appear to be normal for you.
You take refuge in the certitude that I have
accepted what’s been presented, offering
no visible dissent. Whether is it insult, abuse –
the virtue of your beauty or the wisdom
in believing the truth as delivered, you will

Notice neither remorse, ingratitude nor
suppressed attitude. You will believe your life
continues as it should; that you have scored
another mark on the wall, scaled a low height
so that whatever state of mind you require continues.
There will be no indication of other ideas, of

Other perceptions not participating in the scheme.
From where you stand behind the screen of
childhood memories, vengeance and attributes
of righteousness, along with an imperturbable
inviolability, there is no danger reaching out
from a cushioned darkness, no scratch on the blackboard

No sudden whiff of a scent made by monsters
merely biding their time for you to fall asleep.
Everything contributes to your ideas of the good
as you ease off into dreams unaware that dark
dealing has long ago claimed you for itself
where you breathe, stand and look now out on anything.

©Dean Baker

-excerpt from The Poetry Hotel, 104 pages, $12.99- buy the book, scare yourself








4 thoughts on “..from The Poetry Hotel.. ‘Kool Aid For Dark Gods’

  1. We are a fascinating lot for our observations and perceptions of life and its lightness and darkness. The ‘meaning of life’ takes on unimaginable connotations, realities, a smoke and mirrors disconnect at some critical juncture. A most interesting read, Dean, and increasingly so on second and third passing.

    I often wonder at my eventual thought processes in my elder years when the passage of time pulls me into a helpless slavery to the twenty-four hour day, light and darkness that seem increasingly insignificant. I will some day be quite mad I suppose…how dark and unappealing.


    1. that’s a finely thought out comment, Don – good to see, and as for madness I’d suppose there are variations already at play in society, and the disjuncture we find later exists between what we haven’t done, have been able to do, are no longer capable of and that fine mesh against older people being people anymore, rather than existing as a true portion of the populace… If they bought my books I know it would help 🙂

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