from a forthcoming book… ‘Ulysses’ Bright Call’

'Dark Earth' poetry








Oh look, not a bright shiny new blonde
with water-falling gold hair or a pixie
helmet over small face features, above the
labial red lips surrounding
slight white teeth the better to gather you in
as those red folds promise renewal, and

The new store bought breasts (nipples perhaps
circuitously circumspect) offering
milk and honey breath; amid survival comfort
while assailing the need to fuck death, yet
I’m not listening, while you wail
your siren call in that world wide mall

Against the eternity promised as long
as blood runs hot in my susceptibility, so
I’ll ignore the slight against my soul; the war
you assure to gather in money, while I admit
the bee never had so much honey
on his chain-gang back-and-forth concerning

the hive: the flowers dying unnoticed,
instead of sailing toward Byzantium, Ulysses driving

©Dean Baker

  • from a forthcoming book…








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