from The Lost Canadian, Vol. 1 – ‘Rice Lake’


did no one tell me
about the poet-kings
and the slow collision of light

That summer went by,
like an unlocated sound
of night, spent
on other shores

I was too young
for fire or the gasoline banquet;
burned instead
in your different breath

The wound open
to visitors and praise;
like the list of names, only
secret to ourselves

© Dean Baker





4 thoughts on “from The Lost Canadian, Vol. 1 – ‘Rice Lake’

  1. A wonderful poem, from an excellent book. I’m so happy to have it in my collection, and to have read it once. I feel I am better at reading your work, now. So this book deserves a second read, and will get one.
    I encourage all to collect all of your books, or at least buy this one… and Silence Louder Than A Train, and Dark Earth and I’ll desist here!


    1. that’s great, Resa, especially since this is Vol.1, and there is Vol.2 – as for people buying, I think they depopulated recently since I’ve only sold maybe 2-3 books since last March – oh yeh, never desist….and I mean March 2016..noow that bites..


      1. Well, that’s just crazy!
        Vol. 2 is one of very few I don’t own. The day I went to buy it, Blood Upon The Moon had just come out, so I bought that… kind of like an impulse sale.
        I intend own all one day. Next job I get, I’m catching up all the way!



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