from a forthcoming book… ‘Killer Addicts’







I witness your concern over opioids, those
synthetic gods of bliss and the absence
of suicidal pain; where you announce you’re
at war again, and of course it’s winnable,
saying not a word against idiot doctors,
prescribing too little or too much, and the lords
of the rapacious drug companies

In the same way you misdirect, thus confuse
reality for your construct, empathy
towards nicotine levels in tobacco which
you’re not against since you want to allow
the businesses to put in lower levels
so they can boost the price on those products
with more saint nicotine, increasing taxes

Your revenue as usual favoring the few,
eluding the many with confabulistic bullshit
disguising truth with the fog of studies, debate
and statistics manipulated; yet hell, an ordinary
dog is smarter and more honest in its life,
not to mention wise since it won’t lie to itself
about the foreign turd in the home-made stew

You regenerates brew who have every modern
miracle at hand that you’ll never originate,
or can begin to plan; what you do is create piles
of detritus to maintain the industry of managers,
as long as others might be fed:
in the unidentified sacrifice by which I recognize
the real and true killer addicts of unmentioned economies

©Dean Baker

  • from a forthcoming book

• my books – enjoy







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