‘Extremes Of Measure’..from OF FLESH SCULPTURES AND ABANDONED LOVE.. $9.99 PRINT, 160 pages, EBOOK ONLY $4.99







I recall the time I found my father dead,
how arbitrary the day and moment; the season
and its mercy never quite apparent as then

He, with whom I’d spoken and shared love
as well as hope only seconds before it seemed,
now lay there in the familiar pose of disarray

Figuratively speaking of course, I wanted
to remind him that there were certain lengths
he did not have to go to gain my full attention

©Dean J. Baker

– excerpt from OF FLESH SCULPTURES AND ABANDONED LOVE, 160 pages, $9.99, EBOOK ONLY $4.99



6 thoughts on “‘Extremes Of Measure’..from OF FLESH SCULPTURES AND ABANDONED LOVE.. $9.99 PRINT, 160 pages, EBOOK ONLY $4.99

  1. I just got an email. The last 2 books shipped! I haven’t read this book, yet, but it’s in my collection already. I hope many are taking advantage of the sale!


    1. hey Resa – good to hear – missed these comments… and nope.. seems like the internet crickets want it all for free so eventually they’ll end up swallowing whatever the established committees promoting their version of poetry provide, while imagining what they themselves write is equal,, and by that time with the lowering standards and unawareness of metaphor and myth it may well be..


      1. Perhaps, as I noticed you do sometimes, have 1 or 2 pieces from each book. Repost those, with the message (nicely somehow) that this (these) are the only poem(s)from the book of poetry that will ever be free on line. To read more they need to buy the book.
        You have posted Bathurst Yards (LUV IT) a few times now.
        So sorry people are so cheap. Is everyone living in abject poverty?


      2. I know they couldn’t have less money than I do… I expect most who read believe themselves the equivalent or better than anyone who posts poems and refuse to be actually supportive since they think they are the poet… in what their aphasic inability to separate accomplishment from ego involvement prevents them from seeing they don’t recognize that in some jealous fit they are equating what can be accomplished to what is attributed to themselves….unless of course resentfully they deign to read something poetry committees, publishing houses, poetry organizations promote as new and brilliant
        And while some of what those things promoted are an achievement that is also an accident removed from what they purportedly know and associate themselves with. I think they’re mostly mean minded, spiritual nits who act as if because they write what resembles poetry they then are poets – but they’re only actors playing a part that caters to their self-revolving egocentricity of attitude being most significant than actual achievement in a series of self-deluding resemblances..
        Remember this? – https://lifeofthepoet.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/the-canadian-authors-meet-by-f-r-scott/
        As for Bathurst Yards, and a lot of other poems, I’m glad I could do those… thanks for saying…



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