Anonymous, or In These Territories

I like the sunlight
in my life

It’s not too bright and warm,
as opposed to night

Which I like as well;
even more,

If I didn’t have to think about
what I must always tell


©Dean Baker

“This author’s mastery in posing challenging questions by default is a rare skill. A superb set of poems I would recommend to any potential reader of modern poetry seeking out the works of a poet, who has no fear; who never pulls a punch or flinches from one circumstance has thrown his way. He simply commits the event to words.”

“Those in or out of ‘love’ will find much to identify with here.

“There are the general accepted thoughts of love and its antecedents, and then there are these fine poems which give us through their ironic delight in what might be oppressing another appreciation for both poetry and the messages conveyed through its medium.Not your parents, or their parents’ poetry, these works, distilling through a loving awareness of great literature and its medium, the newer dimensions not previously available through such manner of thoughts and expression.

As with his previous books, Silence Louder Than A Train, and The Lost Neighborhood – along with such masterworks as Dark Earth, The Eschatological Dog, the volumes of early poetry in Measuring Gravity By Grace, and Our Geographies, Dean J. Baker’s poetry succeeds beyond hope in transcending the limits of abstract poetry (which it is not), and conventional literature. Something new, different, and great.”


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