New Editions





Prior to beginning work on my new book (due in April 2019), I undertook the task of editing and revising some of my previously published books of poetry.

The works so edited and revised are: Silence Louder Than A Train, The Mythologies Of Love, The Lost Neighborhood, Dark Earth, The Eschatological Dog, In Riparian Fields, Provenances And Paroles, Celestial Migrations In The Empire, and All These Being Hinterlands.

Every poem & prose poem within the pages of those books are representative of the essence of the work in clarity and singular authenticity.

These editions are cohesive, fresh and vital. Only the most intense and uncompromising poems are included.

Print books are $8.99, ebooks $2.99 – and you can purchase the ebook for only .99 if you buy the print book, on Amazon.

These books represent my individual books of poems.

The books of early work Measuring Gravity With Grace, and Our Geographies are unrevised.

The books of representative selected poems The Lost Canadian 1, and The Lost Canadian 2, stand unrevised.

The books consisting solely of prose poems – The Transits Of Revelation, The Moon Worn Tides, and Soliloquies Of The Horizon – are unrevised.

The books which I have deleted, while incorporating only the best of them into the existing works now, are Of Flesh Sculptures, The Poetry Hotel, Blood Upon The Moon, Of The Dominions Unleavened. Copies of these are still for sale from what remains of existing stock but I would not suggest an interest in those.

©Dean Baker

I will be posting some poems from each book as indicative of the contents.


32 thoughts on “New Editions

    1. Thanks – the books are very affordable, cohesive and singular – where there might have been 140, 150, 160 pages, now 85, 90, or so pages making for a new experience of discovery and desire to re-read



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