Karl Marx Had A Party






Karl Marx had a party
where everyone went as
somebody else: there were
no favors. Engels paid
for everything as usual: we want
for nothing to want, no thought.

In the Ponzi scheme of graduating
murder, sell the ghost of
contrived cornpone for those
without desire, minus actualities
to which all
worthies must aspire.

Minus gods and outright
war, uncivil tones peaking
in descriptive decay, this
is your sentiment, your
chosen voice for what
you express against.

You compete in suffering,
announce plans to
conquer all foreign, alien
invaders: only your skin
is listening in
for the side to choose you’re against.

Against the hunter’s drying
rack, highest prayer and
devotion is for the Fifth Amendment.
The littered debris of the
homeless suggests again
you are the ghosts of sweet resentment.

©Dean J. Baker

121 pages, $12.99, ebook $2.99 – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1091177414




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