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Started by sending poetry out to literary journals, academic magazines, etc. Won some unsolicited awards.  130 pieces published in prestigious literary journals worldwide. (see here:

Had my work championed by Irving Layton, Joe Rosenblatt, John Newlove, Milton Acorn, Al Purdy, Gwen MacEwen, etc.

Have a degree from the University of Guelph where I specialized in Literature and Languages, and initiated the program of independent study.

Was asked by Irving Layton, twice Nobel Prize nominee and teacher of Leonard Cohen, to informally assist him in teaching his Honours Creative Writing class for M.A. and Ph.D students at York University.

Two chapbooks published by Mad Poet Press – more published through Amazon 

Dean J. Baker is an author of more than 20 books. Composer, performer, and songwriter published in prestigious literary journals worldwide since 1973.

{Jewish Dialog, Descant, Northern Light, Carleton Literary Review, The Prairie Journal, Freelance, Kola, Underpass, Canadian Review,Tabula Rasa, Waves, Rune, White Wall Review, Public Works, Salt, Anthos, Applegarth’s Folly, Nexus, etc. in Canada – in USA in Aileron, Re:al, Art Times, On The Bus, Riverrun, Oxalis, NEW, Bitterroot, Bogg, Skylark, Mobius, The Amaranth Review, The New Press, Blue Light Review, The Earthwise Review, etc. and in Europe in Tween, Rivverrun, Poetry & Audience, Littack, Grapeshot, etc}

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“Dean is a combination of thought and torment that has made him write more than a baker’s dozen of fine poems.. he might produce a collection that could astound us all.” – Irving Layton

(Irving Layton, one of Canada’s foremost poets, nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for Literature; teacher, friend and mentor to Leonard Cohen, whom Leonard called “Canada’s greatest poet” and the man to whom Leonard dedicated one of his last books.)

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