Anywhere… from Petty Gods Of Apparent Decline







You can be murdered anywhere, but
you’ll always die in Congress or in Parliament.

From a lack of care or indifference
to what’s said and done by everyone expecting
salvation be a ladder to Paradise, until
the stairs to another life declining repair
prove they lead nowhere but upside down.

Change will come eventually you think,
forgetting the war ongoing in everything
where slaughter is observed religiously,
statistics carved in counterfeit
register complaint surreptitiously proud.

To serve the perverted ego’s lazy appetite
for the curve of constancy, no matter what
it takes to frame familiar certainty:
mistaken for the truth still boasting loudly
for release from the cage of incessant proof.

In our recalcitrant lives something despairs,
training us for extinction as the prize.

©Dean Baker

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Your Beauty







Your beauty has nothing to do with you.
Just because I admire what’s
Sweet and good, does not mean it is true.

Your truth may be right and straight, but
This belongs to what is old, not new.
Your beauty has nothing to do with you.

Your wonder is all you may own, your
Joy at what inspires and works alone.
Your truth has never been a ghost.

Your beauty and your truth are one at last.
I can see them in the mirror now:
In the reflection, not the shadow that you cast.

© Dean J. Baker

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” for poignant and thought provoking insight and new ideas, one would be hard pressed to do better than Dean J. Baker’s ‘Silence Louder Than A Train.”







Welcome to the world where lies rule
you can tear down one edifice
by sacrificing quality
the patriarchy for the class of women who
will whine to be taken seriously
as individuals who happen to be female
at this or any other time

Where men wearing lipstick are not fools
or clowns or the new castrati choir
useful idiots hailing the Stalinistic news
while being Native means a true patriotism
absent ego or avarice, amid atavistic blues
in the simplicity of demented amnesia

Where all the intellectuals abandon truth
for a snapshot of cash and headlines
the same gangsters championing attitude
over substance, heiling abuse
in this semi-permanent dislocation
of people from events in the decline of Empire

Where reason has no enemy but itself
having been mistaken for rational objectivity
and anyone who can read can write and anyone
who can write can think except
the kaleidoscopic whirlwind orders nothing
into the orphan form of ideas and inspiration

©Dean J. Baker
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I Used To Loiter Endlessly







I haven’t felt good forever
I’m not going to tell you about it
outside the realms of poetry
and the women
plus the rhythms of music, there
isn’t actually anyone who cares
to hear the sad dystopian tale
of an artistic loneliness since you
decided we share the same problem
but separately

not all of this could be known
not all of this could be known together
not any of this would be shown
by the solitary sharing
the fact that somewhere along
the way
a passenger fell off the train
beside the river I have not visited since
when I used to loiter endlessly
on the lookout for the arrival of beauty

© Dean Baker

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